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Renault DeZir: An Electric Car Concept Becomes The Design Masterpiece of Paris Motor Show 2010


The Renault DEZIR, or the desire of any new-age, science-fiction addict, hot-blooded obsessed rock star (or less) is the masterpiece of Renault’s design team and one of the best car designs (in terms of sexiness) I have ever seen.

Renault DeZir occupies a central piece at this year’s Paris auto show, with all the other sports cars fading into anonymity (ok, well, perhaps Jaguar’s new masterpiece or Citroen’s Survolt will keep up).

The Renault DeZir is not tuned for maximum performance, because most of the money will probably go into design, rather than technology. The 24 kWh battery will propel the stylish fireball from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds, which is not much but at the same time satisfactory (the price will also probably be lower than Tesla’s Roadster, which is around $110,000).

It features 21 inch wheels and a kevlar body for reduced weight, with an inner frame made of steel tubes, like those used in the Megane Trophy race cars.

Renault says: “DeZir‘s suspension also shares certain features with that of Mégane Trophy – including a double wishbone arrangement – to deliver a particularly high standard of handling precision.

All in all, a wonderful car to drive. I remember when Honda prototyped their new-looking Civic, by then the sexiest mass-production car on the market on that segment. In a year, it was on the streets and now it’s even more common. Maybe in a few years we’ll see the DeZir on Europe’s streets and if you’re a rock star, like that in the video below, you may be able to afford it… or, if not, maybe the French girl driving it will.

Take a glimpse through the gallery and then watch the video I shot at the expo…

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