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1907-Founded Detroit Electric Gets Second Life


Not all success stories unfold quickly, and some can last for over a century. The story of the original developer of the electric car may be a good example. Having been started in 1907, Detroit Electric sold 13.000 electric vehicles between its inception and 1939. While the company did shut down sometime after 1942, it was not forgotten.

The Detroit Electric brand was revived in 2008, in order to develop and sell modern electric vehicles. Although it took 9 years for the company to fully start up, it has recently initiated a large-scale recruitment project at Cenex’s LCV 2017 event. Company officials have announced that they are expecting to hire up to 200 individuals, by next spring.

The company’s representatives have also stated that the company is planning to release three new all-electric car models. While the range of the vehicles, their power, and their charging time are unknown at the moment, we do know the fact that they will be a fastback coupe, a sports utility vehicle, and a sedan. Unfortunately, the brand has not announced a price range for the vehicles either.

Detroit Electric Holding Ltd. has chosen to revive the brand hoping that it would live up to its name. However, the EV market has drastically changed since 1939. With names like Tesla and Nissan in the game, it may be hard for the company to match both the prices, as well as the performances of the competition’s models.

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