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The Cheapest LED Light Bulb Yet to be Launched in India: See How Little It'll Cost!


Not only the Chinese are able to make things cheap. Now, a consortium of two Indian companies have announced their latest product: an LED light bulb that has the intensity of a 60-watt incandescent one.

The cheapest LED light bulb ever can now retail for less than $15. Moreover, “the newly announced bulb fits perfectly into existing screw-in light sockets and creates a clean, bright light level […] using 85% less electricity.”

Other similar products are being sold for some $40, but this one will even compete with CFLs, both in price and in environmental friendliness, because LEDs don’t contain mercury and use 35 percent less electricity.

“With 800,000,000 incandescent light bulbs and 300,000,000 CFLs sold in India each year, the market is ripe for these highly efficient, long lasting and nontoxic products,” said Atul Lall, deputy managing director of Dixon Technologies.

“The economic and environmental implications of this partnership are significant: old-style light bulbs use 60 billion units of electricity each year, 7% of India’s total, and our Lighting Science Group Definity® lamps could save over 70% of that, equivalent to 32 coal fired plants with 500MW capacity.”

If everything goes well with the launch in India this year, the bulb will be available to the rest of the world by 2012.

[via cleantechnica]

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