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Jake Explains How to Build a Super-Cheap Solar Water Heater


Solar water heaters are not a new idea, but people who often complain about rising energy prices should be reminded to use such devices to help heat their homes and take a shower, too.

The solar water heater is not expensive at all, all you need are some pipes, joints, glue, polyurethane foam and a big container for hot water (insulated, if possible).

A reader of The Green Optimistic, Jake, sent us a video he made about the solar water heater he conceived at his home, in Brazil. It heats up water up to 55 degrees Celsius (135 °F) in hot summer days and allows him to save precious electricity used by the electric water heater installed in the shower’s head.

Watch the video below and share your opinion with us:

Thanks, Jake! Good luck in your mission!

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    • because a long hose will significantly reduce pressure. The parallel setup (multiple short pipes) causes no pressure drop. In addition, how can you fit a coil inside a fluorescent glass tube? wonder who could possibly be a MORmON?

  1. This is such a cool idea! I like how there are so many ways to save money. I would build this but for me it’s just like a motorcycle, it only works in the summer time where I live. I have heard that there are homes that are now powered completely by solar energy. I would guess the water heaters will soon be following the same route. http://www.jollyplumbing.net/Services/


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