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Morocco's 140MW Wind Farm to be the Biggest in Africa


Morocco’s King Mohammed VI inaugurated this Monday a $300 million wind farm near Tangiers, 34 kilometres (21 miles) from Melloussa, and according to the officials it could be the biggest in Africa. This new wind farm will be capable to generate 140MW of clean electricity due to its 165 wind turbines.

The European Bank invested about 80 million euros in this project, while the German and Spanish banks put in a total of 150 million euros. “The EU gives priority to this kind of investment and is proud to have financed the project,” said Guido Prud’homme, the European Bank’s representative at the inauguration ceremony. According to Morocco’s Minister of Energy and Mining, Yamsmina Benkhadra, the wind farm will be completed by 2020.

The minister also said that this project will secure about 42 percent of Morocco’s energy production with hydraulic or solar sources and wind farms, each producing 14 percent of the total. When the wind farm will start to generate electricity, Morocco’s energy bill will be considerably reduced. Besides this project, a 54-megawatt wind farm opened in north Morocco in 2000 .

[Source: Physorg]

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  1. There is wrong information in the posted article. The wind farm which was inaugurated by King Med IV in the North of Morocco with capacity of 140 MW is already completed and not like the author said it will be completed by 2020. The right information is that in 2020, the whole integrated windpower generation program will be completed and which will target 2000 MW in total. For your information by 2012, the 1000 MW of installed windpower capacity will be completed. Stop!


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