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DIY Solar Cell from Tea and Donuts


The Holy Grail of energy has been, is, and will be the solar power. Numerous solutions of converting solar power have existed along the centuries, and people have always used the Sun to power things up, except for the last hundred years or so – that’s the main reason we all got into troubles with mother nature.

Researchers have been seeking for many years now ways to make more efficient solar cells, from cheap and reliable materials. They have not only looked at the latest discoveries of the moment, but also in the natural medium, by using organic dyes as filters for their new cheap solar cells. The truth is that these organic-based solar cells are not as efficient as the silicon-based ones (or at least they’re not yet).

The most beautiful thing is that these dye-sensitized solar cells are so lo-tech that they can even be built at home with little effort, if you have some DIY skills. These cells are made from donuts and colored tea. The only thing you need to buy specially is the conductive glass. Other parts are a patch of band tape and two wires. Watch the video below to figure how these guys did it:

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  2. Cost of making the doughnut and Tea? Yea…

    Your drive to the Doughnut shop, turn on the lights, pay people to sell it, drive it home, feed the kids the “spares”. Next, go to the farm, jump into the farm equipment, pick some tea leaves, process them, drive them to the store. Pay people to sell them.

    When you can make solar panels out of human hair, poop and dirt, then you got something. That we got plenty of and it’s cheap.

    Or maybe Water Solar Cells, the Earth has plenty of salt water and we’ll have more of it while the Socialist are in power with all the hot air on Global Warming panels and taking jets to Europe with all their children while spending millions on Hotels and fancy dining experiences. Never mind we are 12 trillion in debt.

  3. The communistic mental illness known as the Green movement has disgusted me to the point that I burn used tires in my back yard in an anti-carbon offset effort.


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