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DIY Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Design (VAWT) from PVC Pipes


In this consumerism ruled times, the world needs to know ways to do stuff. When electricity generation is predicted to become more expensive (it’s like they predict an invasion of electric vehicles), people need to build their own power generating systems for their independence.

Faroun, a user from Instructables.com, has submitted a simple video showing how to build a vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) in your backyard. He uses ordinary 8 PVC pipes, a couple of pipe aisles, two used wheels, a DC motor and a wire. The guy says he can get 100W with such an installation on a 35km/h wind.

In fact, an experimented DIYer doesn’t need all the explanations, he only requires the idea, the rest is simple and if you are a little bit skilled in working at home, you could do this system within a day or two. I want to implement this wind turbine on my parents’ summer kitchen (it has a flat roof), and if it works, maybe put some more to send power in the house and reduce their carbon footprint and electricity expenses.

Watch the video below:

Thanks to ecofriend.

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  1. I just thought I would mention, if you made it horisontal instead of vertical, wouldn’t you get less resistance, less weight. The model I saw a while ago hade the pipes spiraling the leangth, never turning back över itself sort of speak. I figure this is ther reason it can be put horizontal. When you do it like that it will spin even if it gets wind from opposite directions in all three dimensional axles at ones. (Which might not ever be possible to happen, what do I know, but still.) That’s the beauty of this kind of turbine design.

  2. hi!
    if you have some more work on it, we’d be glad to share it here on greenoptimistic.com!
    So don’t forget us and our readers!



  3. i am glad you like my design and thanks for the encouragement,

    i am going to show some output soon.

    i took a long time to evolve to this design.

    again, thanks



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