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Department of Energy Sponsors Contest to Find Top Energy-Saving Monitors


MonitorIn an effort to lessen electricity usage, the US Department of Energy (DOE), in partnership with the International Clean Energy Coalition, is sponsoring a contest to find the more efficient energy-saving monitors.

This initiative is part of the Clean Energy Ministerial that was launched in 2010 – a global forum launched by the DOE and other world governments to promote clean energy.

The competition will not recognize entrants that only meet minimum level criteria and will instead recognize only the top power-saving monitors in three size categories.

No stranger to this kind of endeavor, in 2012 the DOE sponsored a drive to identify the most energy-efficient flat panel televisions, wanting to find a competitor to the models previously created by LG Electronics and Samsung.

The DOE has made considerable strides in the quest for renewable and clean energy, primarily due to US DOE Secretary Steven Chu as the primary advocate. Clean energy and alternative energy sources are among Chu’s top priorities in the efforts to address climate change and give the US economy a shot in the arm.

Winners from four different regions, Australia, Europe, India, and North America will be selected in addition to winners in each size category.

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