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Why does Donald Trump hate the environment?


Donald Trump is a worst case scenario for environmentalism, among other things. He is openly advocating for more fossil fuels, more coal, more drilling and more of everything that is absolutely horrible for our planet.

The vast majority of the American people don’t want Trump to destroy the environment, castrate the EPA and open up public lands to the exploitation of private, for-profit mineral extraction.

The United States needs more environmental regulation, as does most of the rest of the world. Outside of Europe, society at-large is abusing the environment to a degree that is so absurd that if it weren’t real, I would never believe that it could be.

Fracking, for example, should be a criminal offense.

And now, the American population has elected a man who wants to unshackle the most destructive forms of energy generation that we have in the interest of “economic progress”.

What is often overlooked by the brilliant men and woman who are running the circus, is the that the economy, and wealth, exist because we have an environment to live in.

Regardless of that obvious fact, Trump has put together a dream team of environmental destruction. These people have absolutely no interest in maintaining the planet in a state that will sustain us, and future generations.

No, Trump and company are going full speed ahead with the wholesale slaughter of necessary, if not vital environmental protection mechanisms that took decades to put in place.

Protected land?

Not any more!

Clean air?

Send coal to the rescue!

The EPA?

A bunch of whiners!

On top of all that, Trump has the audacity to say that he is going to “refocus” the EPA on its core mission of air and water quality.

Did something really bad happen to Donald Trump on a camping trip when he was a child?

[via reuters]

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      • There is no economic survival if the earth is gone. Why don’t you people understand that possibly people may need to get some education and a new form of employment bc everything we were doing is wrong. Oh and hey Obama made the biggest strides but they where still drastically far from what NEEDS to happen. Get outside, read a book, and light up a joint. Put down the gun alcohol and hate.

        • The equation is simple. No Earth = No Economy. We all need to constantly retool our skills to maintain employment. Raping the environment under the banner of increasing jobs is so counterproductive. I try my best on my small farm to encourage pollinators. My organic garden is in full swing. But, I am one person. And, the person we have elected is doing everything to destroy this beautiful world. We need to think of ourselves as part of the world. We will destroy ourselves and life around us if we don’t.

      • Oh, he said libtard! We have a comedian here folks! Hahahahahahahahahaha! That was so funny. You are so original and funny and totally not using a lame, pathetic and outdated insult. You know what, just fuck you. You Trumpers are fucking worthless halfwits.

      • Morons just can’t understand that ULTIMATELY there will be NO SURVIVAL AT ALL, economic or whatever, when the environment is destroyed.


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