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Efficiency of Transforming Biomass Into Biofuel Improved 100% by Dutch Company


Forget killing bacteria to make ethanol or biodiesel, or researching the creation of new lifeforms to do that – the Dutch have a solution. DSM NV, from the Netherlands, have designed a new technology that will improve the conversion efficiency of waste agricultural products (second-generation biofuels) of up to 100%.

DSM’s new biofuel conversion process uses an enzyme that breaks down cellulose in waste agricultural products such as wood and plants. The process transforms these into sugars which are then converted by their “advanced yeast” strain into ethanol of biofuel. The whole process has been nicknamed “all you can yeast”, and the conversion rate of sugars info ethanol is improved by 100%.

The company says they are now selling both technologies (the differentiated enzyme and the advanced yeast technologies) as an integrated biofuel-producing solution.

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  1. Day by day renewable resources are getting depleted.So we need check other forms of sources so that we could find some other way.In this research biofuel could be very helpful.A DSM-NV a company from Netherlands have designed a new technique of conserving efficiency.The particular process could also be helpful in case of cars.By this we could save or conserve a lot of renewable resources.


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