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Toyota Auris Hybrid Launches European Production As Of Today


Today officially begins the production of the new Auris model with Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD), the first full hybrid vehicle in its class built in Europe. To generate a powerful efficiency, this car has two electric motors and a 1.8 litre VVT-i petrol engine. The model will be launched in 32 European countries, with the first deliveries to customers scheduled for July this year.

This model features regenerative braking and, to our disappointment, it is not a plug-in hybrid. Just like its sibling, the Prius, it has three driving modes: EV, Gasoline-only, and a combination of the two. The Hybrid Synergy Drive system of the new five-door hatchback has its roots in the first Prius generation, the first series-produced vehicle, launched in Japan in 1997 and in Europe in 2000.

The HSD-equipped Auris consumes 3.8L/100km and emits only 89 grams of CO2 per kilometer. Additionally, the model generates significantly lower amounts of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter than vehicles with comparable performances, equipped with diesel engines.

The new car features low-maintenance, long-life components to reduce the cost of ownership. The chassis assembly will be performed at Burnaston, in Derbyshire, UK, while the hybrid engine will be built in Deeside, North Wales.

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