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772 Miles In a Tesla Roadster, Across the UK


High mileage electric cars are considered to be a thing of the future, because, with today’s average driving style, no electric car is able to run for more than two hundred miles on a single charge. That is the Tesla Roadster, the first EV that broke the ice, launched in the age of performance-driven gasoline engines.

David Peilow, a Tesla Roadster fan from the UK, did something what many would, if they could, and I have no idea how: he managed to convince a Tesla representative to borrow him a unit for the weekend. What he did was not racing some fancy BMW or Ferrari, but take the Roadster for a hypermiling drive of 772 English miles, from London to Land’s End.

He even equipped himself with cables and planned the route through places he could have recharged his electric sportscar. Well… his for the weekend. The speeds weren’t the lowest possible, as others have tried, but mostly decent highway speeds.

David placed all the details of his electric trip and his impressions on the Tesla Roadster on teslamotorsclub.com. One more interesting fact is that he also planned his journey in time, forecasting the lowest traffic hours and highways.

His trip demonstrates that, if you’re good-willed, you also can drive an electric car for let’s say… 600 miles, not 772, but that’s enough for most trips. Previewing the recently announced EV releases, starting with Nissan Leaf and continuing with fuel cell versions or those batteries with a 7-minute recharge time, it’s easy to see that future versions will only be more and more capable, so naysayers please shut up and look around a bit.

Below is a graph of the relationship between speed and distance, which he says he respected quite accurately.

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    • Thanks for the observation. Although I had read all his blog post, I don’t know why I was left the impression that he drove it all on one charge. Corrected the error. Thanks again.


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