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Due to Lack of Interest, the Renault Twingo EV Has Been Delayed

Renault Twingo EV Launch TBD
Renault Twingo EV Launch TBD

The Renault Twingo EV was to launch this year, but with nearly-empty order books, Renault has decided to delay the launch for some undetermined future date.

Renault, for some reason, simply hasn’t had the success that even its sister brand, Nissan, has had with its electric vehicles. Interestingly, Renault hasn’t even been able to sell 20,000 of its electric vehicles, including the ZOE, Fluence ZE, and Twizy, which doesn’t bode well for the Renault Twingo EV, which was to launch this year. Nissan Leaf, on the other hand, has already topped 115,000 in global sales. So what’s up with that?

We know why the Fluence ZE was discontinued, since Better Place went under, but what about the rest of the lineup? Apparently, it’s the Europeans. In spite of the fact that Renault holds nearly 50% of the European electric vehicle market, it’s a very small market. Germany, for example, is pushing for its people to adopt electric vehicles, with a goal to have a million plug-in vehicles by 2020, but the number stands at just over 12,000. Opel Ampera, Chevy Volt’s European sister, even had to cut its prices in order to boost sales in Germany. In fact, Norway seems to be the only exception, where the Tesla Model S was that nation’s best-selling vehicle a couple of months.

Unfortunately for Renaults electric vehicle lineup, people aren’t exactly banging down the doors to get their hands on the Renault Twingo EV, which was revealed at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. I guess, instead of losing money making a car that won’t sell, Renault is just going to hold off on the launch. Official launch date for the Renault Twingo EV is currently TBD (to be determined). Will TBD turn to “indefinitely postponed?”

Photo credit: Cédric JANODET

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