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e-Quickie: Prototype Electric Car That Doesn't Need a Recharge


Researchers around the world are trying to find new ways to reduce the time required to recharge the electric cars’ onboard batteries. Now, a group of fourteen students from the University of Karlsruhe in Germany have come up with a prototype electric car that is powered by electricity but unlike other electric vehicles, it doesn’t need a recharge.

Called the e-Quickie, the electric car runs only with wireless power and besides this it doesn’t get started by the batteries but by leaving the energy conductors on the ground. Receivers under the body of the car take energy from the tracks through electromagnetic induction, which is later used to power the electrical hub drive.

Having a weight of just 60kg, the all-electric car is composed of lightweight, high-tech materials. e-Quickie is also equipped with a small electric battery that serves as a buffer and it is powered by a 2kw motor, being able to reach a top speed of about 50kph. Due to its electric motor, the car has zero CO2 emissions.

[Source: Ecofriend /AutoMotto]

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