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Efficient Shower Head Uses 70% Less Water, Feels Just as Good


e-showere-Shower is an Australian company that has developed a new, more efficient shower head. While there are many low-flow shower heads available on the market, none of them feel quite as good as traditional shower heads. The e-Shower head feels great and saves 70% of water and cuts back on the energy needed to heat the water as well.

The e-Shower manages to increase efficiency  without sacrificing performance using an old secret known as “nano-bubbles”, or the Venturi system. The bubbles are each surrounded by water. When showering, most of the water ends up bouncing off the body onto the walls and shower curtain. With e-Shower’s aeration system, when the air pockets hit the skin, they burst and “crumple” so that the water sticks to you.

The bubbles have additional benefits besides comfort since shower heads that use nano-bubbles don’t get the calcium build-up that plagues a lot of water saving shower heads.

The efficient shower heads cost less than $200, bu could save around $400 a year on water and heating bills. Most homes in the US end up using 210,000 gallons of water every year. A 70% reduction could reduce that number to just 63,000 gallons.

The innovative technology is also easy to install, so you won’t need to hire a professional if you want to enjoy all of these benefits.  There’s no drilling holes or cheap adhesives required either.

It’s also healthier than other water saving systems. Some atomize the water into a mist, but that turns the chlorine in the enclosed shower stall to gas, which can absorb into pores.

Visit e-Shower’s Kickstarter here.

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