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E-Volo, World’s First Ever Electric Helicopter Takes Off In Germany

VC200, courtecy of E-volo
VC200, Courtesy of E-volo

For a first time ever, German engineers managed to not only design and produce a prototype of an electric helicopter, but they were also able to demonstrate how it takes off and flies up to almost 22 meters in height. The tests of the emission-free machine were extremely successful, surprising everyone with its impressing capabilities.

The Volocopter VC200 was developed by the company e-Volo and tested last week in a small hangar located in Karlstuhe. The prototype worked perfectly. It lasted in the air for a good several minutes, thanks to the eighteen spinning blades, it was surprisingly quiet and did not experience any unwanted vibrations. The rotor plane and the spring strut landing gear worked flawlessly as well.

After this huge success, the makers are very keen to peruse with the venture further. They are currently undertaking a two-year outdoor testing, which is possible thanks to the German Federal Aviation Office (LBA) and the German Ultralight Aircraft Association. E-volo is planning to test and demonstrate the capabilities of the electric helicopter in open areas in Germany, of course taking care of all safety requirements by selecting uninhabited regions. The aim is to show how reliable and safe the electronic steering and safety systems of the machine are during a full flight.

Others have already demonstrated that solar powered airplanes can make long distance journeys, but no one else has done this with an electric helicopter before. If the Velocopter manages to complete a full and uninterrupted flight, it will surely be the first one of its kind.

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  1. very cool concept. only needs an outer ring to keep the outermost rotors from contacting anything. the 007 video on the site would have taken his own head off! 🙂 http://www.e-volo.com/konzeptstudien-2/actionvideo-vc007


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