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eBay Motors Garage Tesla Model S Giveaway Ends in Ten Days!

eBay Motors Garage Tesla Model S Giveaway, Just Ten Days Left to Enter
eBay Motors Garage Tesla Model S Giveaway, Just Ten Days Left to Enter

The Tesla Model S is a beautiful and efficient electric vehicle, but it’s also quite expensive, which effectively keeps it out of a lot of people’s garages.

That’s understandable, since the Tesla Model S starts at ≈$64,000, after federal incentives. Start ticking off options boxes, such as battery and performance options, and the price quickly climbs into luxury car territory. Of course, if you’re interested in an electric vehicle without such a grandiose price tag, you could go for something like the Nissan Leaf or Ford Focus Electric, among others, but there’s absolutely nothing like a Tesla. Waiting for the mass-market Tesla Model Whatever (Tesla Motors recently announced they would not be pursuing the “Model E” marque) will have to wait, as well, at least a couple of years, until the Tesla Gigafactory is built.

Does this mean you’re out of luck? Well, you could enroll in one of the car-sharing services that feature a Tesla Model S, or find a rental company that’s actually offering one in their fleet. Still, wouldn’t you rather have one of your own? Well, there’s at least one more chance, aside from stealing one or “buying” one and then having it repossessed (Just kidding). You could win a Tesla Model S from eBay Motors Garage, totally for free-ish!

The eBay Motors Garage Tesla Model S giveaway is free to enter, but you do have to be a US resident with a valid driver’s license. The Grand Prize is a “custom-built” 2014 Tesla Model S, valued at $102,170, which I’m thinking means at least a Tesla Model S 85 kWh with some accessories. The free-ish part comes when you realize that you’d have to report the receipt of a $100,000 electric vehicle to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), for which you will have to pay a decent percentage in taxes. Still, that might be less than you’d pay for a Nissan Leaf. Entries must be in by May 16, and the drawing will be held May 27.

Image © eBay Motors

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  1. Thanks for the “heads-up”.  A new Tesla will go a long way toward making my dream of a Tesla, with an on-board Veggie-fueled TDI Diesel Engine/Generator, come true.  But with my luck, and my inability to fund Diesel Engine/Generator specification/acquisition, and to make Tesla payments simultaneously, I might as well sit out on the sidewalk with my hat in my hand and a sign, beginning for “research dollars”.  But, I’ll give eBay a shot for sure.


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