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Eco-Friendly Floating Schools in Flood-Prone Coastal Nigeria Developed by Visionary Architect


Floating_SchoolIn Lagos, Nigeria, the community of Makoko is accustomed to life on the water. The residents have adapted to constant flooding for many generations and have been building houses on stilts and using canoes as the main mode of transportation.

Kunle Adeyemi, a Nigerian-born architect, wants to create a group of floating structures that will have better access to fresh water, waste disposal, and sanitation. His goal is to help the city’s population of 250,000 live a better quality of life that is less affected and disrupted by flooding.

Adeyemi’s first project will be a floating three story school.

In 2009, when Adeyemi visited Makoko, he decided the main primary school that served the waterside settlement needed major improvements.

He went about designing a school to accommodate 100 students. It will use 256 plastic drums that keep the structure floating on the water. The frame will use locally-sourced wood. Solar panels will provide electricity and rainwater harvesting will operate the toilets.

The entire cost of the school is $6,250.

If successful, the school may start a trend throughout coastal Africa. The idea of the floating building can be extrapolated to hospitals and homes.

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