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Eco-Friendly Hobbit Home Must be Destroyed According to City Planning Council


Hobbitt HouseCharlie Hague and his partner Megan have been given two months to raze their “hobbit” house. The Pembrokeshire County Council has deemed the home the Hague’s built on their own property harmful to the rural countryside.

The Hagues were inspired to build their hobbit house after Megan became pregnant and they wanted to trade the Caravan in which they were living for a house.

Using techniques he acquired from the Lammas Eco-Village in West Wales, Charlie built the home on the family property in one year. The Hauge home has a green roof and lime-plastered straw bale walls.

The Hagues anticipated that the city’s planning council would not permit them to build the home on the land, they went ahead and began construction. They applied for the permits retroactively, only to be met with a denial.

The city planning council deemed “the benefits of a low-impact development do not outweigh the harm to the character and appearance of the countryside having regard to the provisions of the development plan.”

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  1. Why do people try to ice skate up hill? You can not have it both ways, they knew from the beginning that the house was not up to code and would not meet with approval of the city. So why did they waste a year building it only to have it ordered destroyed? The story is meant to foster some type of sympathy for the couple just trying have a home and it does…..because they wasted their time because they insisted on being stupid. Give me a break.


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