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Tesla Model S Future Updates, Some Balk at Price Increase for Some Options

Tesla Model S Loyal Fanbase Drives Future Developments
Tesla Model S Loyal Fanbase Drives Future Developments

Is there anything like a Tesla Model S performance electric vehicle? I think that pretty much everyone will agree that the answer is a resounding “No!”

One of the things that sets the Tesla Model S apart from other vehicles, aside from its winning combination of power and range and the available Supercharger Network for fast charging on the road, is the fact that it doesn’t sit still, even when it’s sitting still. Development is ongoing in response to customer demand and changing technology options.

In a recent Teslive town-hall type meeting that Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk favors, he let shareholders know about some new changes coming down the pike for the Tesla Model S:

Some future changes probably have some people applauding, such as a new valet mode, that will keep those crazy valet drivers from taking advantage of the full power available in the Tesla Model S. Another good change is to the navigation system, giving the option of map orientation and offline map downloading via smartphone. For those in areas where the temperature drops below freezing from time to time, the $750 Subzero Weather Package is available right now, adding rear seat heaters, wiper blade defrosters and washer nozzle heaters.

One future update to the XM Radio package has some people booing, even though it only adds about 8% to the purchase of the vehicle. Where it previously added $950 to the price of the vehicle, now XM Radio will only be available as part of the $2,500 Ultra High Fidelity Sound package. If you’ve already got your orders in for the Tesla Model S, that’s good, but any new orders will only be available with the new option. Sorry late-comers.

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  1. @pjs I did find it interesting that there were a few Roadster owner/fans in the conference requesting updates on Roadster parts and service [if it was this conference or another one, forgetting at the moment]


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