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Egloo Heats Up Your Room With Just Candles


Egloo-room-heaterThe Egloo project, which offers candle heating for 10 cents a day, could slim the fat bill that will slip through the mail box at the end of the winter.

You most probably know our two superb posts “how to heat up your room with just a candle” and “how to generate free heat“. These ideas all sound great, but they do present a challenge if you do not feel like getting your hands dirty. Well, there is a solution to that. Meet the  technology that uses candle light, does not require DIY, and it is not as risky or flammable.

It is called Egloo, and it is a small heater, which does not waste any electricity, and works by concentrating the flame of four candles to generate warmth. Developed by Marco Zagaria, a student from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Egloo holds the potential to make us all enjoy winter that little bit more, without money worries.

What is Egloo?

So, let’s have a look at how it works. Egloo has a base, a grill, and two domes. The base holds the candles, the domes hold the heat and the grill is there for support. Four candles are enough for heating up a 20 mq room for an average of 5 hours, thanks to the terracotta material that makes up the components (here is a promo video). The estimated cost per refill is less than 10 cents.

Egloo comes in various colors, which makes it adaptable to any type of indoor design. It weighs only a kilo, and it needs only half an hour to bring the temperature up by 3 degrees C. Probably the only limitation that it has is that the whole thing heats up to 50 degrees during use, so it should be kept away from kids, pets and I guess easily flammable furniture.

Support Egloo’s Project

The Egloo project is currently on Indiegogo, and with 44 days to go, it is heading fast towards reaching that target.  If you like the idea, do go online and give them your token of appreciation, because it is indeed a very clever technology.

Image (C) Egloo

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