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Egypt to Have Two Villages Powered by Solar Energy


Egypt will be the first country to have two villages equipped to run entirely on solar power, said Hassan Younis, minister of Electricity and Energy.

The villages (Ein Zahrah and Oum Al-Sagheer) are located in Siwa, 500 miles west of Cairo, will get their solar fix not only for schools, streets and houses but also for mosques and other local facilities.

The money for this project come from the Italian government, in order to provide clean electricity for a number of remote villages in Egypt. According to local reports, the new project will cost around three million Egyptian pounds.

The minister also plans to begin construction of a 100 MW solar power station in upper Egypt and another solar power station located in the city of Hurgada on the Red Sea coast.

Currently, Cairo has an electricity output of about 25,000 megawatts per year. For the future, the government wants to make great progresses in the solar and wind energy sector.

“We need to get some funding in order to continue to push on with all these exciting initiatives,” electricity ministry official Hassan Ahmed told Bikya Masr on Wednesday. He said that the ministry is looking forward to “making good use of the funding in order to show the world the alternative energy can support massive portions of the population.”

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