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China Launches World’s Largest Floating Solar Power Plant, Surpasses US


When Jimmy Carter installed solar panels on the roof of the White House, solar technology wasn’t in any position to displace fossil fuels. But times have changed, and today solar power is capable of replacing fuels like coal.

A New Future

China got a bad reputation for creating a lot of pollution, but recently a very novel way to employ solar panels to reduce their carbon emissions was created.

In Huainan city, Eastern China, a floating 40-MW solar power generator just went online, and this kind of technology has a lot to contribute to social development as time goes on. Sungrow, who is the nation’s largest producer of solar panels set up the plant, and it uses otherwise wasted space to make power.

This technology uses the water it floats on to achieve a higher efficiency, as the water acts as a coolant. Floating solar power plants also make a lot of sense for densely populated areas, where space is expensive.

Sustainable Growth

Colorado has been in the headlines over the last few years for their legalization of cannabis, but many people don’t realize that they have been experiencing a big economic tailwind from their solar power industry.

There are a number of solar panel producers who are setting up shop in Colorado, and sustainable energy companies have helped to create the lowest unemployment rate in the USA. It isn’t difficult to see how much better solar power is than dirty old coal, and developing manufacturing operations are a great way provide both high paying jobs, as well as access to clean power generating tech.

While solar power and wind aren’t popular with the current presidential administration in the USA, it will only be a matter of time before these next-generation technologies price archaic fuel sources out of the market.

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