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Climate Deniers, Munch on This: Planes In US Southwest Unable to Fly Due to Extreme Heat


It is no secret that the summer of 2017 is a hot one. In fact, depending on how the next month goes, it may set some new records for heat.

My Father who lives in Flint, Michigan was recently telling me about how he had to constantly water his eco-friendly garden, or else it would burst into flames at any moment.

I am not sure if the contaminated water had anything to do with the potentially flammable veggy patch, but I am pretty sure explosive cucumbers won’t get anyone’s attention these days.

People May Care About This

What may get people to notice the changes in climate is the fact that in some hotter areas of the southwest, aircraft are being grounded due to the extreme heat. Many flights were recently canceled at Phoenix’s airport, as it was just to damn hot for them to fly.

I mean literally too hot.

While not being especially gifted at physics, I guessed that the tires would explode because of the pressure and heat. While that may happen, apparently past a certain temperature, the wings and jet engines simply aren’t able to develop enough lift for normal flight.

Depending on the make and model of plane, the temperature where normal operation falls apart varies, but anywhere above 125 degrees Fahrenheit, your plane isn’t going to fly as expected.

There are a number of factors connected to this problem, including some pretty tricky aspects of coordinating flights around temperatures that simply can’t be controlled.

Maybe Paris Wasn’t Such A Bad Idea

I don’t think it is very smart to debate climate change anymore. It is f***ing hot out there, and maybe the President’s idea to back out of the Paris Accords was ill timed, at best.

The idea that there is a major push underway in the USA to revitalize the coal sector is borderline hilarious, and if it wasn’t real I could stop tying up the noose I am holding in my shaking hands.

Any public policy that puts pollution and fictitious fiat currency profit in front of the earth’s capacity to sustain human life is criminal.

As in a crime against humanity, at-large.

For now it’s the jets in Arizona that are feeling the crunch, but these kinds of temperatures will have an effect on crop yields, and so many other things.

It is past the point when it was time to be serious about making a difference. It is approaching the point of open revolt, and public trials for those who have so badly abused their power for reasons that are as stupid as they are selfish.

I mean really Donald, how are you going to fly anywhere to play golf when it is 140 degrees in the shade? And think about all the plastic in your wife that would melt if she ever left the air con…

[via forbes]

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  1. Climate believers, there have been heat waves since the beginning of time and grounded planes since the beginning of planes.

    • Agreed. I even read recently that Antarctica may have been a lush tropical forest. This planet goes through cycles. I don’t think we should just give up with pollution though. I just think our earth is going through it’s cycles. That doesn’t mean we are out of danger either. And if i was gonna worry about greenhouse gases, I’d pay more attention to methane. Like a single cow releases 30-50 gallons of methane each day, and there are currently like 1.5 billion cows on earth. And can anyone tell me a good reason why we still use gasoline and not ammonia? Or even methane. All this permsfrost methane could be doing us good rather than being a threat to all life on earth. Geothermal energy? The technologies being withheld? I say instead of focusing on things being bad, give solutions and be more open mined to each side. The industrial world and automobiles will not be stopped. Only better ways and maybe some pressure to get the lobbyists out of Washington will help. We have more technology than we get. It should not be allowed for companies to buy an burry patents that would interfere with their profits. Energy is misperceived. Something from nothing, over unity, free energy are the nature of the universe. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Nothing would exist.


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