FytoStick, The Smart Hiking Stick That Plants Seeds Automatically

In an interesting attempt to save bees and to plant trees, PalmPrint Innovations LLC in Baltimore has started an Indiegogo campaign for their FytoStick – a smart hiking stick that plants a seed each and every time it touches the ground.

The FytoStick even comes with an app that allows the user to see how many plants have been seeded and how far you have explored. Thus you will have the possibility to both explore new areas and reduce your carbon footprint.

As interesting as it sounds, the usage of FytoStick comes with a lot of questions, like: how will the stick know what kind of seeds will be spread, or if the seeds won’t be planted on existing trails to ruin them, etc.

These questions have all been answered on FytoStick’s Indiegogo page, where founders Jake and Tyler have already gathered about $21,000.

The campaign has ended, but the project has the “InDemand” status, hence FytoSticks can still be ordered.

This would be a perfect DIY project for a green-hearted maker, if PalmPrint Innovations decide to make the plans public after they fulfill the orders from the Indiegogo campaign.


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