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GreenGT LMPH2: All-Electric Race Car To Attend The 24-Hours LeMans


Swiss automaker GreenGT has recently unveiled an all-electric race car dubbed GreenGT LMPH2, that is planned to take part of an experimental race class of the upcoming 2012 LeMans.

GreenGT LMPH2 will also have optional 700 bar high-pressure tanks filled with about 12 kg of hydrogen, in order to enhance its high performance. This way, the car will be able to deliver an output of 300 kW.

The Automobile Club de L’Ouest has made the announcement last week regarding the participation of this zero emission concept at the race. Bellow is a video of the GreenGT LMP H2 electric racer that demonstrates the car’s abilities at the LeMans circuit.

[via InAutoNews]

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