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2017 To Witness 138 Million Electric Motorcycles and Scooters Rolling Worldwide


A new report from Pike Research shows that the number of people using electric motorcycles and scooters will grow from 17 million to 138 million by 2017, that over 8 times the current percentage. This kind of vehicles is already popular in China and other regions of Asia Pacific, where the population is more likely to use a two-wheel vehicle.

You might say: “Tha’s because they’re so many!” That is, in part, the reason, but the vehicles themselves offer a lot of advantages: they don’t cost that much to buy, don’t take a lot of space in the garage and they don’t have to be tended every week.

Not to mention the freedom of the mobility that any two-wheel vehicle gives you in traffic. Governments are also more likely to support their commerce, because no extra adapting or construction of infrastructure is needed.

The percentage of how many will own an electric motorcycle and how many an electric scooter will differ according to the region. For example, in North America, the researchers expect a larger number of electric motorcycles rather than scooters (59% of the two sales. However, on a global scale, sales of electric scooters are expected to beat those of electric motorcycles by more than 6 to 1. So scooters are not only for girls!

Of course, more electric vehicles will translate in more batteries of two kinds: lithium-ion (Li-ion) and lead acid batteries. According to the study, the Li-Ion market for e-motorcycles will see an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24% until 2017, while for e-scooters 19%.

The same growth will be registered by the lead acid battery market: 27% for e-motorcycles and 29% for e-scooters for the same time spin. In conclusion, you might want to think about that cool motorcycle you always wanted to have, because now i’s more accessible than ever!

[via PikeResearch]

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