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HP Velotechnik Scorpion Electric Tricycle
HP Velotechnik Scorpion Electric Tricycle

German manufacturer HP Velotechnik focuses on recumbent bicycles, some of them for off-roading, which look like a lot of fun. Now they go even further with an electric tricycle, the Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec.

Aside from being more comfortable to ride long distances, three wheels mean more traction for hard cornering, as well as stability for long rides, even in a cross-wind. HP Velotechnik’s gone one further with the introduction of electric tricycles, such as the Gekko and Scorpion models. The Gekko, for example, is equipped with a 250W electric motor and can assist the rider up to 15.5mph, while the Scorpion is equipped with a 500W motor that can assist the rider up to 28mph.

Both of these electric tricycles were originally equipped with just one battery, but HP Velotechnik found that riders were carrying extra batteries in their touring luggage. Riders spoke, HP listened, and now their electric tricycles come with a dual-battery option, which adds about $1,000 to the price of the bike. The Scorpion, with the dual-battery option, goes for a little over $8,500.

The second battery pack effectively doubles the range of the Gekko to 130mi, and the Scorpion can ride at max speed for 81mi. The dual-battery option has a couple of benefits, aside from increased range, including better weight distribution left-to-right, as well as better traction, since the batteries are located low and close to the driving wheel, in the rear of the electric tricycle.

Electric bicycles and tricycles are interesting, because they are faster and significantly less sweat-inducing than traditional pedal power. This fact alone could make them perfect commuter bikes, allowing people to get to the office or shop without spending anything on gasoline. Electric tricycle or bicycle commuters also wouldn’t generate nearly as much carbon dioxide as getting stuck in traffic on that crazy morning commute.

Image © HP Velotechnik

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  1. The Velotechnik fs 26″ pedelec seem like a great bike but eight and a half grand seems totally unreasonable for a trike. Not comparing with some alibaba alternative but seriously, you can’t encourage exercise or car alternatives with car like prices.


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