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The Perks of Owning an Electric Vehicle


Electric vehicle ownership has many benefits.Thinking about an electric vehicle but haven’t pulled the trigger yet? We’ve outlined five electric vehicle benefits to help you make your decision:

Reducing Emissions

In the state of Utah alone, vehicle emissions contribute to almost half of the total amount of harmful air pollution. Purchasing an electric vehicle means you’re doing your part in reducing emissions and environmental pollution. Charging your electric vehicle with clean electricity like that generated from solar panels can further decrease emissions as well.

Gas Savings

Though gas prices in the United States are low, using an electric vehicle means that you can expect to shell out about half of what you currently do to power it. Gas prices are subject to constant fluctuations as well, so when the price goes up, you realize even more savings. Reducing costs of transportation can play a big role in helping your budget as well.

Great Driving

Without gears to change, as well as high torque, electric vehicles can give you a smooth, quiet trip. Advances in braking technology allow the battery to charge, whether you’re slowing down to stop or just coasting down a hill. This improves the electric vehicle’s efficiency, and is partly why the distance able to be traveled is getting better and better.

Less Maintenance

With fewer moving parts under the hood, one of the biggest electric vehicle benefits is the reduced maintenance. No transmission fluid to worry about, no spark plugs… the list goes on. With the reduction in the cost of maintenance, you’ve got another budget booster.

Potential Discounts

Some states offer tax credits on top of federal credits when an electric vehicle is purchased. The savings can further add up if any local programs or sales are offered as well. Do your research to see what you qualify for, and you could save yourself a good chunk of change.

These are just five electric vehicle benefits, but depending on your personal situation, you could probably find even more! Considering a green vehicle could be the best choice you make.

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