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Electric Vehicle Events Fill Up This Year’s August Agenda


1385340_10202363025547728_1000180159_nThe month of August is shaping up to be quite exciting for owners of electric vehicles. The organizers of two independent events, the annual all-electric vehicle rally BC2BC and Kingman Route 66 Festival, have made sure that there is enough space for everyone to showcase their green four-wheelers.

If you have an all electric super cool vehicle then the BC2BC rally is the one exclusively for you. All participants will meet on 10th of August in Long Beach, California, and then travel down to Mexico, where the drive along the West Coast all the way to Vancouver, Canada, will begin. The rally is organized in four stages for three different classes: street legal cars with no restrictions to battery size, street legal bikes with no restrictions to battery size and 100 Mile class with stock battery capacity.

The meeting is expected to be a real thrill for both organizers and participants. The anticipation is already raising as the range of modern and vintage cars will be truly remarkable. What is more, rumor has it that a 1914-1917 Beardsley Electric-the first electric car built in California will be put on a display for everyone to see.

Unfortunately, if your car is not 100% electric, then you cannot be part of this one, but thankfully the Kingman Route 66 Festival is there to give the needed appreciation to all those who have an alternative fuel or a hybrid vehicle, of course the all-electrics are also invited. The festival begins on 12th of August in Kingman, Arizona, and it is there to promote the Route 66 as an electric highway.

The social media is already full of promotional videos and group discussions about both events, so if you’re interested, you can already get involved and be part of the exciting preparations.

Image (c) All Electric Vehicle Rally

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