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EVs Emit Less Heat Than Gas Counterparts, Scientists Find


vvpmgxsiipthkj0epfjtIt is official. Scientists just proved that EVs are much cooler that their fossil fuel-powered ancestors.

OK, yes, having a Tesla definitely makes you stand out in the crowd, but this is not the “cool” I will be referring to here. The study conducted by scientists at Michigan State University and Hunan University, published in Nature Scientific Reports, shows that electric cars driven in cities have a cooling effect on urban temperatures.

More precisely, the team looked at the so called “urban heat islands“, the phenomenon, which results in a formation of air bubbles, or areas, in city centers, which are much warmer than the surrounding suburbs. These islands are formed due to human activities, and to be even more exact, gas-powered transportation. There are many consequences that follow, but the main one is the increase in air-conditioning usage, and therefore unnecessary boost in energy consumption.

The team collected temperature data over the summer of 2012 in Beijing. They then simulated a scenario in which fossil fuel-powered vehicles are all replaced by EVs.  The result was quite remarkable. Not only that the model showed a drop in temperature by 1 degree C (which is quite a bit when placed in a larger scale of things), but also it showed a sensational drop in energy consumption of AC units by 14.4 KW hrs, and reduction in CO2 emissions by 11,779 tons per day.

Yes, maybe some skeptics have a point that EVs are often charged with electricity coming from fossil fuel power plants, but they have to consider that there is no way for an over-night transition can take place.

And while governments are (maybe a bit too) slowly shutting down coal power plants, and giving green light to all sorts of renewable energy projects, maybe all drivers can speed things along, and switch to EVs as soon as they can. Not only that the pollution levels in town will drop significantly, making it much more pleasant and healthy for cyclists to ride along, but also summers might become much more tolerable in the busy city centers.

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  1. To ‘over’ simplify: Energy IS Heat a la the Sun itself.
    Incandescent light bulbs use more energy efficient than fluorescent bulbs; the former get extremely hot (to the touch), while the latter don’t get hot (remember the Kenner Easy-Bake Oven). A diesel engine is dramatically more efficient because it uses a low-flash fuel, no spark plugs, and operates at a lower temperature.

    And get this, everything in your home will/does run on low-voltage DC current – NOT high voltage AC. You might be plugging-in to a 110v AC outlet, but the first thing that happens (example, your TV) is the appliance drops the voltage down to 9-16v DC. Only exception is appliances the ‘heat’ (they stay 110v AC). . . .but then again, ‘Heat is Energy’.

    All this is not to mention, LED lights that literally burn forever, give-off no heat and, their light can ‘multiplied’ many, many times and ‘transferred’ elsewhere WITHOUT heat, or loss of illumination.

    Ask someone why LEDs have been around since the early 1950’s but are just finding their way into automobiles (running lights, etc.).

  2. EVs are not really cooler, it’s just shifting some of the heat and other pollutants to other locations. IE Power generation stations.

    Most electricity is generated with coal. According to scientific American burning coal produces more nuclear waste than a nuclear power plant. So terrorists don’t need to build a dirty bomb us, they can just drive an EV to help destroy the environment.

    Elon Musk and Tesla fan boys ought to be in prison like Kevin Trudeau. Elon Musk and Tesla fraudulently claim that Tesla batteries are environmentally friendly, landfill safe, green, non-toxic, nonhazardous and contain no heavy metals. Their lies can be debunked with Tesla’s emergency responder guide, which indicates that Tesla batteries contain hazardous toxic materials and heavy metals.

    False claims of safety, green and environmentally friendly is often the way modern-day shills market snake oil.


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