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Electric Vehicle Sales “Disappointing…” to the Opposition

October Electric Vehicle Sales Numbers Looking Good!
October Electric Vehicle Sales Numbers Looking Good!

If you pay attention to some media outlets, and even the President of the United States, you might be led to believe that electric vehicles aren’t doing nearly as well as expected.

Of course, if you say that we expect to have one million electric vehicles on the road, in the United States, by 2015, or that 3.8 million electric vehicles will be on the road, globally, by 2020, then you’d be sorely disappointed to learn that we aren’t nearly on track for meeting that target. Some opposers might point to failing companies, such as Fisker Automotive or A123 Systems, as proof that electric vehicles are failing in the automobile market. Don’t you just love lies of omission?

On the other hand, it’s not like electric vehicle sales are falling through the floor. Electric vehicle increasing sales numbers are hardly news anymore. Electric vehicle sales have steadily increased since the introduction of the Tesla Model S. By August, 2013, electric vehicle sales numbers had jumped to, overall, 500% better than 2012 sales numbers. Now, just two months later, we get an update from someone who’s keeping track of these things.

It seems that the last couple of months have seen a little bit of a slowdown in electric vehicle sales, just 360% better than last year, overall, but still, its impressive growth for any business. For example, the Honda Fit EV sold just 48 in the first ten months of 2012. This year, 495 Honda Fit EV have found new homes, better than 900% improvement. Tesla Model S was estimated to have sold 460 units late year, 14,950 so far this year, better than 3,000% increase over last year. Other models, such as the Toyota RAV4 EV and Nissan LEAF, showed more modest gains.

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