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ThyssenKrupp’s New Greener Elevators Produce and Save Energy


40 percent of the energy used by the US economy goes in buildings. $400 billion per year. These are the numbers provided by the US Department of Energy and the basis for Obama’s “Better Buildings Initiative” that passed in 2011. Though more efficient planning for new constructions is part of the deal, the main focus resides in upgrades for the existing buildings.

A presidential promise for a $4 billion package in energy efficiency upgrades has been made in December. The government hopes to reduce the cost of energy for buildings 20% by 2020.

Companies have already taken steps. The ThyssenKrupp Americas Elevator Company has already introduced a model that both generates and saves energy. The two processes are related. The elevator harvests heat energy during braking and distributes it. Less heat means less need for cooling inside the cabin, hence savings.

All the technology revolves around a gearless operating system and a permanent magnet AC motor. The gearless system operates at 240 rpm, about 15% of the current geared operating systems. Also, it only uses energy when it’s in use.

Other benefits include more space in the machine room, less noise, high speed and elimination of oil and carbon dust. But the Company hopes to win the crowd with their unique interior vintage design. A retro look for a futuristic high-tech elevator. Going up?

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