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Elon Musk Eases Cold Feeling over Tesla Model S Charging in Norway

Tesla Model S in the Snow
Tesla Model S in the Snow

The farther north you go, the colder it gets, but we northerners are used to it. Tesla Model S chargers in Norway, however, are experiencing a couple problems.

Specifically, the Tesla Model S TUMC (Tesla Universal Mobile Connector) doesn’t seem to be 100% percent compatible with the power grid in Norway, and the average temperature there, year-round, is between -4.4°C and +16.6°C (24°F to 62°F). This is a problem, since there are over 2,000 Tesla Model S in the country, one of the best-selling vehicles in Norway, thanks to some pretty encouraging perks and incentives.

So far, less than 10% of Tesla Model S owners have complained that their cars won’t charge, for which Tesla Motors has released an OTA (over the air) software update. Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk apologized for the issues, but notes that the software update should address about 95% of the problems that customers have been experiencing. Tesla Motors will keep working on the problem, so future charging of the Tesla Model S, even in extreme cold, shouldn’t be a problem.

It is interesting to note that, in spite of a few charging problems, the Tesla Model S is a stunning performer in the cold north of Norway. The pure electric drive makes ABS and ETC (Anti-lock Braking System and Electronic Traction Control) far more effective, keeping the driver in control in slippery situations, in spite of the fact that the Tesla Model S is only rear-wheel drive. Put the Tesla Model X up there, which is equipped with electric motors in front and rear for all-wheel drive, and it’ll be even more capable!

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