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Elon Musk’s Speech at Geneva Motor Show 2013


elon-musk-geneva-2013The last question/sentence from my last talk to Elon Musk two weeks ago was: “Will you be coming to Geneva this year” and the answer was “Yep, will be in Geneva.”

Two weeks have passed since and I haven’t been able (for personal reasons) to be there on time to talk to the man in person and to hear his speech, but some nice guys posted part of it on Youtube.

The speech started with Elon telling the crowd about the European three-phase Supercharger network and that July will see the Model S  coming to European streets, so the inhabitants of the old continent should be glad about that – it will probably boost the “local” electric vehicle market in a lot of countries and will increase the quality standards of existing EV models.

A brief speech on the Model X was also there, but not anything we haven’t heard yet – its time will come after the 2014 launch in the U.S..

At the end of the filmed Q&A part of the interview, one (German?) reporter asked Elon Musk a question directly linked to the “infamous” NYT scandal a month ago. He questioned him if the Model S (and subsequent ones) wouldn’t have any issues in the upper part of Europe, and that’s where the Youtube user cut the filming, which we hope to see in its entirety these days.

One other guy asked how the Model S would be able to bear German Autobahn speeds with a decent amount of range – tough question. Zee Germans don’t forgive anyone wanting to take the speed away from them for hundreds of kilometers (their daily intergalactic warp commute).

See for yourself:

Update: the other part of the interview showed up on Youtube, and that’s where Elon explains to the public in the same terms he explained to me, how the Model S manages cold weather efficiently. He also says Europe will have free super-charging spots, but he didn’t give any details as to where they will be located (he was being cautious, you’ll see in the video below). 

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