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Ene Pocket: A Radio-Controlled Toy Car Fueled by Sugar


Takara Tomy is a Japanese toy maker that recently developed a radio-controlled toy car called “Ene Pocket”. The thing is equipped with a Sony bio-battery fueled by sugars like those in sodas and fruit drinks.

In the meantime, this bio-battery is not commercially available and is still in development. It can run on any left over sugary drinks, such as Coke, 7 Up or Sprite. Its efficiency depends on the chosen liquid, with grape juice being the best.

Sony’s new battery produces electricity from sugars by using enzymes to break down carbohydrates (sugars) and release the energy, it works exactly like our body that breaks them down. We don’t now yet when, or if, it will be available for sale. The toys powered by these batteries can also be used as educational tools to demonstrate alternative energy sources.

Takara Tomy is not the first company that has developed gadgets fueled by sweet drinks. We published a few weeks ago an article about a Chinese developer called Daizi Zheng that has modified a Nokia cell phone to be powered by Coke or any other soda.

[Source: Physorg]

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  1. This concept has some great applications should the research yield a viable commercial licence. The left over or ‘flat’ coke or juices in the fridge will never be looked upon again as waste. I hope these forms of alternative fuel sources continue to expand given we are running out of time…


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