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Energizer to Release Their First Portable Solar-Powered Battery Charger


energizer-solar-charger-closed-smallThe Energizer company has announced the release of their first solar-powered AA and AAA battery portable charger in January 2009 in Las Vegas.

This gadget looks like a clamshell cellphone, where the keypad section is replaced by battery slots and the display by solar panels. Some features of this battery-charging gadget will be:  a USB-out port to charge other devices (iPods, GPS units, cell phones, etc). In the absence of sunlight it will allow users to charge their gadgets using a conventional wall socket.

The price for one such charger is $49.99, (two Energizer Rechargeable batteries included) and it will be available sometime in the first half of 2009.

It’s a good thing that Energizer has looked up to the green side of charging things. For now, the price is a little prohibitive. Another variable to be taken into consideration is the type of solar cell involved in making this device, and its efficiency. Of course, as we expect from their already-established brand, Energizer will probably improve this kind of charger, and will equip them with high-efficiency solar cells (due to small size form).

Another considerent to be taken into account will have to be their green corporate responsibility, or the materials used in the manufacturing process. The green impact will count on this.

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