DIY: How to Build a $1 Magnetic Motor With Some Screws

screw-magnetic-motorMagnetic energy isn’t really “free energy”, nor it harnesses zero-point energy, because magnets themselves are losing their magnetic ability over time, but that time is a very, very, very long one (someone said four hundred years).

Of all the topics in the alternative energy world, I liked the “Free Energy” part best. It’s not that I’m an absurd non-science, self-proclaimed geek, but I like to give a chance to new ideas of changing the world, and I still strongly believe we’re not being told everything.

Following this thought, magnets have always fascinated me (like I think they did to any science interested human), and I always had the sensation there’s more to them than just their capacity of simply attracting or repelling an object.

I remember once (I was about 8 years old) I struggled an entire day trying to understand why if I put one magnet on a small toy car this would only move only if I kept the other in my hand. The explanation came a few years later, when I rethought it.

What you are going to see in this video is nothing you don’t know. In fact, I urge any weird-science reader to try and make the device from the video below, respecting the pictured details. I’ll make it myself from a hard drive plate and a used scotch tape support. Let’s see how much time it works, and if it can be improved.

So, it doesn’t cost us  much to first test, and make theories after! I know some will say “it’s stupid, my high physics knowledge doesn’t let me try this thing”. When it comes to you to say that, think that you’re only limiting yourself from touching and convincing yourself one way or the other of the theory. Just don’t let it pass by you without a trial.

The magnetic motor video below is pretty amazing.

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