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The Energy Harvesting Open Access Data Repository Gathering Energy Information for Scientists


Why would anyone want a database of energy harvesting? Well, for one, such a database helps researchers in their work and second, you get a real grasp of the performance of various devices using the same information.

Imagine a Wikipedia of Energy Harvesting: free, standardized data, with continuous contributions from the community – this is The Energy Harvesting Open Access Data Repository, to be introduced at the “Energy Harvesting 2012” conference.

What is energy harvesting, since we’re talking? Many wireless electronic devices can be powered by collecting environmental vibrations, human motion, thermal gradients and light, in a word: energy harvesting.

If such devices work on it, then they could very well fill in the place of primary batteries in low power wireless sensor nodes. They also hold a promise for the future, as implantable, wearable medical devices and other devices could become a reality thanks to energy harvesting.

The idea of the database isn’t completely new: previous attempts have materialized in detailed vibration data from transport and machinery applications. However, the http://eh-network.org/data address is to receive uploads on wind, light irradiance and human body motion to make it thorough.

For a more complete picture of the energy harvesting domain, we suggest you attend the “Energy Harvesting 2012” event, on Wednesday,March 28 in London, as Professor Peter Woias (IMTEK, Germany), Frank Schmidt (CTO Enocean), Professor Vittorio Ferrari (University of Brescia, Italy), Roy Freeland (Perpetuum) and Professor Eric Yeatman (Imperial College, London) will make their input.

[via Physorg]

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