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Denso’s Air Conditioning System Customizes Your Car Aircon and Saves Gas


Did you ever fight the driver of a car because he wanted to turn on the air conditioning and you didn’t, afraid that you might catch a cold? Or the other way around? No need to worry from now on – everybody in the car can enjoy their own, personalized air climate thanks to Denso Corp.

The company pioneered the business by coming up with the first car air conditioning system to focus on one area only, which has already been implemented in some models of the Lexus GS.

We are, of course, talking about the areas in which a car has been divided: the driver’s seat, front passenger seat and rear seats.

Furthermore, the unit of the air conditioning system is divided as well: two for the driver’s seat, two for the front passenger seat and one for the rear seats. This allows for the passenger to receive cool or warm air, cooled or heated to a certain temperature. This too is something that has never been done before.

So, in terms of benefits, what else comes to your head other than no more headaches? Exactly: money and gas savings! Tests revealed that during a year, you can save as much as 20% in power consumption, without having to give up any whim: you want warm air in the back for the kids, but cool for you in the front? No problem! Is it just you in the car so you want cool air in the driver’s seat? Done!

[via Tech-On]

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