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Ericsson’s New Technology Makes Electric Car Charging Simpler and Less Expensive


When you think about electric vehicles, what do you see? Is it problems with charging stations and the panic of remaining somewhere stranded? No more! Thanks to a partnership between Volvo Car Corporation, Göteborg Energi, Viktoria Institute and Ericsson, you are now completely in control of your electric journey from the moment you start the car until the moment you park it in your garage.

First of all, no more issues with finding special charging stations: it’s now possible to use any power outlet for that. Isn’t that awesome? On top of it, forget about the time wasted on paying at the station – every charge gets registered and you receive it on your bill.

Secondly, you can use your tablet or smartphone to program your charging: when, how much and for how long you want to “refuel.” It makes sense to look for the best time, not only in terms of suiting your own day schedule, but also that of the grid, since demand is lower and cheaper at certain hours.

I think you’ll agree this is great news – the project is really trying to turn the electrical experience into a smart, efficient one. And every company involved in it has come up with its own bit of expertise. For example, Per-Åke Olsson, CEO at the non-profit IT Viktoria Institute speaks about a “cross-industry collaboration” to bring innovation on the market.

Göteborg Energi is more fascinated about the “digitalization” aspect supposed to harmonize the relationship between EV charging and the grid. Finally, Ericsson pitches in with its IT and communications knowledge to improve “machine-to-machine and human-to-machine interactions.”

To prove that such a project works, the team has equipped the Volvo Electric 30 with an in-vehicle meter and software to perform all those tasks mentioned above. The idea is to let buyers know they don’t have to lower their standards, that there is a car on the market that drives electric and can still compare to a luxury one.

The challenge now remains to find a way to address the various regulations around the world and then off you go – the driving experience has never been more in your hands!

[via Ericsson]

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