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eSolar SunTower CSP Plant Capable of Generating 5MW of Solar Energy


esolar-suntower_2_bGqNG_69eSolar, a leading provider of modular, scalable solar thermal power technology has unveiled its 5MW SunTower power plant, being the first CSP solar tower of its kind in the US. The solar plant, located on a sunny stretch of desert in Lancaster, California, is based on the use of 24,000 mirrors that precisely focus the energy of the sun to a single point. It can generate 5 megawatts of green electricity, enough to power about 4000 homes in Lancaster.

“Today, we unveil a new blueprint for solar energy – one that leverages Moore’s law rather than more steel,” said Bill Gross, CEO of eSolar. “Sierra is just the beginning. Soon eSolar technology will be deployed worldwide to provide clean, affordable energy to hundreds of thousands of homes.”

eSolar’s Sierra SunTower power plant was built in less than one year, being the first of several developments in the Antelope Valley region using eSolar technology. Over the course of construction, this project created about 300 jobs.

“With today’s historic plant opening, eSolar is proving that California’s energy and environmental leadership are advancing carbon-free, cost-effective energy that can be used around the world,” said California Governor Schwarzenegger. “Through measures such as AB 32 and the California Solar Initiative, I have worked to create an environment that allows companies such as eSolar to thrive in our state – creating green jobs, boosting our economy and preparing us for the energy demands of the future.”

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