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BlackLight Power Sells 400 MW Free Energy Generator to Akridge Energy


blacklight2I know it may sound like science fiction, but if you remember we talked about BlackLight Power‘s invention last year, you surely do remember it was about free energy.

BlackLight Power’s hydrino (a hydrogen atom with a lower energy state  than it was previously thought possible) stirred controversy in scientists’ world, bringing them bad fame as seekers of “free energy” and associating BlackLight Power with a scammer’s image.

On July 30, BlackLight Power announced a commercial license agreement with Maryland-based Akridge Energy. BLP will allow Akridge to use their energy producing process for generating electricity in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Colombia, up to a maximum continuous capacity of 400 MW.

“We believe BlackLight Power has developed a new energy technology that will have a profound impact on the environment and the economy and will help us achieve our goal in becoming a major, green-power producer in the greater-DC market,” said John E. Akridge III, chairman and owner of Akridge Energy. “We are excited to be one of the early-adopters of BLP’s energy technology.” Mr. Akridge is also a shareholder of BlackLight Power.

The trust that Akridge Energy is giving BlackLight Power by investing in them should give the science community a reason to think more about hydrinos and accept newer physics concepts that, even if not fully understood and demonstrated, work. We’ll keep you updated with any other news about BlackLight Power’s evolution.

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  1. Wow. As we all know, free energy does cost, especially in the setup stage but what would the expected commercial cost of a device likely be ? Also how long it it away from being available to the public ? Good luck.

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    Congratulation !
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