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New EU Draft Proposes Vans Should Reduce Emissions In The Long Run


The amount of polluting gases that each van releases is about to shrink in the European Union, according to a draft released yesterday at the Brussels headquarters. It has not yet been signed, and most importantly, Germany didn’t agree with some of the aspects.

The deal was to reduce van emissions by 14 percent to an average of 175 grams/kilometer of carbon dioxide by 2017. Although some van makers like Renault and Mercedes, who already designed their vehicles with a reduction of some 15 and respectively 13 percent of the emissions, the longer-term goal has been disputed.

Having in mind the 137 g/km by 2020, the draft proposers have modified their wish to a milder one, 147 g/km.

“The agreed regulation will make vans less polluting and will contribute to our overall ambition to cut emissions from transport,” EU climate commissioner Connie Hedegaard said in a statement. “It will also generate important fuel-savings for consumers,” she added.

Germany didn’t agree with the 147 g/km figure, saying that it’s not possible for them to lower the emissions under 150 g/km by 2020.

Really, I don’t understand the purpose of this dispute for 3 g/km… but what do I know?

[via reuters]

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