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Europa City Design Greens Up Paris Area


Europa-CityDenmark-based BIG recently came first in an international competition to design a next green-roofed city. The design, known as Europa City, would be located in the Paris area, and would be made up of a park combining the iconic Parisian density with the greenery of the suburban environment.

The City would also feature highways with adjacent railways for trains, intimate streets connected to the metro and these would also be connected to farmland areas. It would thus be a cross between the conveniences of city life, including offices, shops, culture and nightlife, and the healthy lifestyle of country life.

BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) won the best design award competing against firms like Snøhetta, Manual Gautrand and Pistre. Europa City started off combining the qualities of the countryside and suburbs of Paris with the world-class traits of the city of Paris itself such as the culture, intimate streets, restaurants, shops and public transportation.

Europa City has a semi-circular shape which was as a result of the round system of streets with perpendicular streets emerging from the middle. Europa City’s public transportation incorporates both train and metro access, alongside the highway. The streets are also so designed so as to make biking or walking beside them easy.

Europa City will thus have restaurants, shopping centres, cultural activities as well as office space and housing. Also part of the design are a pool and ski slope which would work in tandem to deliver efficient cooling and heat energy exchange.

To cap it all off, Europa City would have a rippling green roof offering glimpses of the Paris skyline while also substituting as a public park that also insulates the main city and treats grey water and rainwater for the city’s use. The Europa City project would serve as a model renewable-energy-based city offering the best of the balance between urban living and country life.

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