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Europe Consortium Planning to Harvest Arabic Desert's Sun


One of Europe’s most ambitious goals is to capture wind and solar energy across the Arab deserts to power homes in Africa, Middle East and Europe.

Two international consortiums led by French and German industrial giants started working to deploy wind turbines and solar panels in those areas, and sink cables across the Mediterranean Sea.

The new projects are expected to provide 15 percent of Europe’s energy demand by 2050.

“By joining efforts and coordinating their approaches, the two initiatives take a truly European dimension. There is now a concrete perspective of solar and wind energy being produced for the joint benefit of European and northern African and Middle Eastern citizens, as well for the benefit of both markets,” said EU Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger.

Desertec Industry Initiative (DII), major lender Deutsche Bank and power supplier E.ON are planning to provide energy for European and Arab nations by using the sun-drenched regions.

Medgrid in collaboration with  engineering group Alstom, wants to install cables between Africa and Europe via the Strait of Gibraltar. The new projects are sponsored by the European Union.

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