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Poland to Build Its First Nuclear Power Plant by 2021


While Germany and Switzerland want to ouster nuclear power, Poland will have its first one built near the Baltic Sea, by the end of 2020, according to Polish energy group PGE.

The tender process for Poland’s atomic power program will be launched before the end of this year. The government believes that the country’s coal reserves are enough to generate 94 percent of its electricity.

Besides this project, Poland also plans to build two other 3,000-megawatt nuclear reactors. The cost of this nuclear program is estimated at 100 billion zloty (22.1 billion euros, $29.4 billion).

Three international consortia are already interested of this project: US-Japanese GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy Americas, France’s EDF and Areva and US-Japanese Westinghouse Electric Company LLC.

One of the country’s main goals is to meet the EU quotas for cutting the country’s carbon dioxide emissions.

[via Physorg]

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