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Battery Storage On The Grid Becoming Reality Thanks to Electric Vehicles


Lithium EV battery useWith the number of EV vehicles erupting across the market, the increase in numbers has given rise to find something to do with the units that are left.

There is an 8-10 year lifetime in an EV battery, even though the battery isn’t completely drained.

The unit cannot necessarily push a vehicle down the road, but the juice that remains inside is capable of other tasks and the significance of the secondary market includes a reduction in upfront cost as well as providing new benefits to consumers and utilities.

Three companies working hard on the EV battery front are GETEC Energie AG, TMH and Daimler AG, who are currently collaborating on the energy storage installation in Lunen, Germany. The recycling, service & water facility, located at Remondis SE, which is fully functional, home to the 13 MWh capacity energy storage station. The Mobility House owns and operates the battery array. The organization formed to support auto manufacturing in 20 countries, along with the three partners above, create financial backing to help this project become a great reality.

The 2nd life batteries, as they are called, have a significant amount of power left and when connected on a larger scale, they have enough power left to complete more intensive tasks. Germany, a solar power leader in the world, with an estimated 1.5 million solar arrays installed in homes and mid-sized business, has developed this location for the batteries to be plugged in to a grid system and provide another energy source.

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As well as the much-needed funding and support for the current project, the Mobility House also provides EV charging infrastructure solutions and services for automobile manufacturers and end consumers. This includes the installation of over 5,000 charging stations in homes for EV owners.

Batteries needed to power the grid are currently in the vehicles, for now. Up until now, energy storage has been the missing link between clean energy and its storage. We haven’t seen a great deal of wind or solar energy storage. Great leaps in grid technology are bringing this technology to masses, as it should be. The more we use, the more we should be able to TRY to put back. Consumers are much more earth conscious and aware of the fact that they want to help in any way possible to keep the earth green. It is possible one battery at a time.

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