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Chevy Bolt – The EV Ride That Sells For $37k


BoltOne of the drawbacks of the electric vehicle could be the range of mileage on a single charge.

Up to now, the average vehicle range for driving miles is roughly 105, suburban. The Tesla can outrun current EV’s, topping out at 200 miles. The Tesla has a hefty pricetag though, making all the enhanced performance and larger vehicle very expensive options. The Bolt, Cheverolet’s newest concept, starts at around $37,500, only considering the federal tax credit.

The Bolt will be a strong competitor for the Nissan Leaf, but has a much greater range, making it the smarter choice for those with high mileage commutes. This 4 door cube with a hatchback is fully battery powered. Chevrolet is offering a color palette that is similar to that of the BMW i3 EV.

The car has a very boxy shape, with a snub nose and hatchback, making it a bit clunky looking. The lines in the windshield are fast, allowing for better wind reduction. The designers worked very hard with color and hue to make the car look longer and more expansive than it actually is. One example is the long line down the side which creates a sensation of length.

Since the wheels look like they are actually set up in the car, it helps to create a much larger wheel base, in turn helping with the vehicle proportions. The designers have also used large amounts of glass, especially on the windshield which wraps up and over the interior of the vehicle, into a panoramic roof. The amount of light entering the vehicle through this roof is imperative to adding that feeling of space in a small vehicle.

The look of the front and rear ends of the Bolt were very deliberate and intentional in creating a feeling of space and comfort for the driver and passengers. The range in the real world might not be as anticipated, and the almost $40,000 price make the purchase of this boxy-looking vehicle quite a head-scratcher. But, if you are really dedicated to being green, this may just be the perfect car for you.


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  1. Well it depends what you can save? Lets say with this range that it attracts car buyers that drive 50000km/30000miles per year and that you can charge most of this att holme or at cheep Quick chargers (ive heard ruomors the Bolt will support 100kW Chademo), then you will (at least in sweden) save 6000dollars per year…


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