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Evovelo Combines Solar-Powered Tricycle and EV


The evovelo hybrid tricycle is being shown off with solar panels on its roof.evovelo, a Spanish startup, is joining others in combining cycling and vehicles.

Their prototype, the evovelo mö, was recently revealed. The evovelo hybrid tricycle, or velomobile, resembles a small vehicle, with a fully enclosed body and seating room for two. The range for electric-only use is 50km, and the battery pack charges via solar panels on its roof.

The company is currently looking for beta testers in their efforts to build an “ultra-efficient” vehicle, providing a possible low-emission transportation option while keeping users protected from the climate. As the car can operate on battery only or with pedal assistance, there are options as to how strenuous the user wishes their commute to be. Like other electric vehicles, the mö features regenerative braking, assisting in recharging the battery while on the go.

As vehicle measures 140cm x 200cm x 130cm, the evovelo hybrid tricycle will fit in areas designed for bicycles, such as bike lanes. Safety and security features, such as lights, turn signals, mirrors and locking doors and trunk, have also been added.

Power is pushed to the wheels through an electric motor, or through a six or seven-speed transmission. The electric motor comes in different options, as local regulations may apply where it is being sold. Beyond being charged by solar panels, the battery can also be charged via an onboard port, or can be removed from the vehicle to be charged elsewhere.

The manufacturer claims that there is “no need to charge the battery with moderate use” as the solar panels and regenerative braking can do the job of recharging. With minimal emissions, estimated at .001kg of CO2 when in intensive use (e.g. 40 km a day), the evovelo hybrid tricycle looks to reduce the environmental impact its users leave. Estimated to retail for €4500 as either ready to use or as a kit, open-source DIY options are planned as well, allowing consumers to build their own evovelo.

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